Proceedings of the International Symposium on

Solar Physics and Solar Eclipses (SPSE 2006)

held at Waw an Namos, Libya, 27-29 March 2006



Published on Februray 2007

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Author(s): Jan O. Stenflo
Title: Introductory Remarks by the Chairman of the Scientific Organizing Committee
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Author(s): Ahmaid O. Zaidan
Title: Introductory Remarks by the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee
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Author(s): Jan O. Stenflo
Title: Polarization at the Extreme Limb of the Sun and the Role of Eclipse Observations
Pages: 1-14
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Author(s): A. Feller, J.O. Stenflo, D. Gisler, R. Ramelli
Title: Eclipse Instrument to Record the Polarization of the Flash Spectrum
Pages: 15-25
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Author(s): S. Rifai Habbal, J. Kuhn, D. Mickey, S. Jaeggli, H. Morgan, I. Roussev, J. Johnson, M. B. Arndt, A. Daw, M. H. Nayfeh
Title: Using Polarimetric Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Corona from 400 to 1800 nm for Exploring the near Sun Plasma
Pages: 27-35
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Author(s): L. Zangrilli, S. Fineschi, G. Massone, G. Capobianco, F. Porcu, P. Calcidese
Title: EKPol: Liquid Crystal Polarimeter for Eclipse Observations of the K-Corona
Pages: 37-45
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Author(s): S. Cecchini, D. Centomo, G. Giacomelli, R. Giacomelli, V. Popa
Title: Search for Possible Solar Neutrino Radiative Decays During Total Solar Eclipses
Pages: 47-54
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Author(s): Jean-Luc L. J. Dighaye
Title: Is It Worth Re-Doing the Eddington Experiment? - A Feasibility Assessment at Solar Eclipses 2005-2006 in Libya
Pages: 55-60
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Author(s): Martina B. Arndt
Title: The Sun and Solar Eclipses in the Classroom
Pages: 61-66
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Author(s): Philippe Jetzer
Title: From the 1919 Solar Eclipse to Gravitational Lensing: Astrophysical Manifestations of Curved Spacetime
Pages: 67-76
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Author(s): Javier Trujillo Bueno
Title: A Gentle Introduction to the Physics of Spectral Line Polarization
Pages: 77-92
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Author(s): H. Morgan, S. Rifai Habbal
Title: Solar Maximum Streamers as Thin Twisting Sheets
Pages: 93-99
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Author(s): A. Cacciani, R. Briguglio, F. Massa, P. Rapex
Title: A Proposal for Solar Gravitational Redshift Measurement
Pages: 101-107
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Author(s): A. Daw, A. G. Calamai, S. Brewer, B. Myer, D. W. Savin, M. Schnell
Title: Measurements of Atomic and Molecular Parameters of Hydrogen and Nitrogen for Solar Physics
Pages: 109-119
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Author(s): R. Ramelli, M. Bianda, J. O. Stenflo, P. Jetzer
Title: Solar Research Programs at IRSOL, Switzerland
Pages: 121-128
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Author(s): H. Nussbaumer
Title: The Islamic Influence on Western Astronomy
Pages: 129-142
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Author(s): Hamid M.K. Al-Naimiy
Title: Astronomy at Mesopotamian Region (3000BC-1400AC)
Pages: 143-151
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Author(s): Ibrahim M. Saleh
Title: Prospects of Renewable Energy in Libya
Pages: 153-161
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Author(s): F. Y. R. EL Faituri, A. Y. Darkwi
Title: Computer Simulation for Current Density in PN-Silicon Solar Cells
Pages: 163-171
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Author(s): Jan O. Stenflo
Title: Conclusions of the Symposium
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